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The Consortium «Ukrainian Number and Address Operation Center» (UNAOC) it is the modern and contemporary technological company specializing in the development and maintenance of the software and hardware complexes of the Central Registers for the electronic communication and Internet needs including the convergence solutions.
The Consortium consists of 7 companies each of which contributes to the development of the common projects.
The Consortium is developing several projects aimed at the development of systems number portability, management of the numbering, naming and addressing ranges for convergence networks, management of the electronic tagging, intellectual property protection systems in electronic communications environment.
Projects that have been created and implemented by the Consortium participants: a multifunctional complex MNP-IMEI-ENUM, each of an elements can work independently, multifunctional Registry of Top Level Domains, which has been implemented for national Ukrainian Cyrillic .УКР IDN ccTLD , system of the fixing and the content investigations of the web pages on the Internet.

TLD Registry

Registration and maintenance system  of the country code and generic Top Level Domains

Can be used for ccTLD, gTLD, and sponsored new gTLD; can supports and maintanance the Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) in any scripts’ repertoire and at the same time an unlimited quantity of the TLDs.

Number Portability

Maintenance system for mobile and fixed number portability (MNP/LNP) and personal numbers

Can be used for maintainance and support fixed, mobile, non-geographic, nomadic, and personal subscribers’ numbers; support roaming and geolocation functions; can be configured for QoR/ACQ with CDB/LDBs.


System of the registration and maintenance of the IMEI codes (IMEI/EIR)

Can be used for maintenance and support of the monitoring and control usage of SIM/R-UIM based mobile devices, on anti-terrorism, anti-fraud, anti-theft activities, control and optimization of the import and registration procedures of radio electronic means, and more broadly for data storage and management of electronic tags.


System of the on-line fixation and the content investigations of the web pages on the Internet

Can be used for situations where you need to on-line fix (freeze) the current text or graphic content of websites and carry out the investigation with the help of qualified experts regarding into the conditions of occurrence of the displayed content, frames, create timestamps etc.; it can be used highly effective manner in matters of a judicial  or an alternative dispute resolution of domain and intellectual property issues