NPU-Registry has been designed to manage of  the portability processes; have control on capacity of the processes of portability and the processing  of the electronic forms number portability applications.

NPU-Registry allows to operate with options relating to the management of personal numbers and non-geographic numbers including nomadic numbers.

NPU-Registry generates the dataflows that allow managing the processes of number portability for VoIP.

NPU-Registry can handle number portability applications from natural persons, legal persons; supports single and group subscriber numbers applications on portation.

The electronic forms number portability applications are designed as three types:

  1. initiate the number portability of subscriber numbers,
  2. refuse of the number portability process, and
  3. return number to the Donor.

In the basic variant the NPU-Registry don’t carry out the routing between operators networks; the support number portability applications and maintenance central database only. But the system can be set to the options which provides the routing of voice calls and SMS/MMS between subscribers.

NPU-Registry can adapt to various configuration:

  1. with NP Central DataBase (CDB) of the Administrator and NP Local DataBase (LDB) of the Telcos;
  2. with NP CDB of the Administrator only and without NP LDB of the Telcos.

NPU-Registry can process:

  1. mobile and fixed ranges of the subscribers’ number in any technological environment of the PSTN/PLMN;
  2. personal subscribers’ numbers and support Registry of the personal subscriber numbers according to range in the national numbering plan;
  3. non-geographic and nomadic number portability on requests of the Telcos networks;
  4. and integrate during the portability the VoIP numbers when receive a call request from the telecommunication network
  5. geolocation functionality and support of the Emergency Telecommunications Service;
  6. and support the portation with saving  all the set services that  has  subscriber in the Donor network.

NPU-Registry system is focused on the Administrator of the number portability that has been elected or appointed by National Regulatory Authority as well as on the Telcos.

The Stakeholders of NPU-Registry are Administrator of the number portability, State Communications Authority, National Regulatory Authority, Telcos and Subscribers.

We provide the “turn-key” solution.


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The general principles of the system

NPU-Registry can be adapted accordingly and implemented on any classic or combined realization of the number portability scheme in accordance with TS 123 066 and RFC 3482 (OR, QoR, ACQ …).

NPU-Registry provides the ability to support modern requirements for network operators: E.212 MCC / MNC, Service Provider Network, Number Portability Dip Indicator.

NPU-Registry provides the ability to support advanced features of inter-operator interaction in the provision of services for the ported subscriber numbers : Interconnection for NGN (IMS / LTE), Number Portability Dynamic Correction, ENUM Data Hosting.

NPU-Registry provides the ability to support an unlimited quantity of subscriber service functions — tel, H.323, SIP, SMS, MMS, XMPP, Email, UNIMSG, iCall, etc., without reducing their inventory, quality and reliability of service during the subscriber’s portation to the  Recipient.

NPU-Registry provides the option to perform  the Provisioning  of the subscriber number by the Recipient in HLR and supports the ability to provide the information on the correction of dynamic routing during the transition from the SS7 environment in IP-networks and back

All Stakeholders have possibility work within NPU-Registry environment via separate Automated Working Stations that allows have access to NP CDB in accordance with rights and roles of Stakeholders.

NPU-Registry allows to operate with options relating to the management of the mobile numbers as well as personal numbers and non-geographic numbers if they has been ported as well as in mobile or fixed networks on basis different technologies — SS/7 or IP.

The crypto subsystem of NPU-Registry is fully compliant the requirements of the security international standards. The use of cryptographic mechanisms may adopted on the requirements of the legislation of the country implementation if needed.

NPU-Registry system uses brand solutions for servers, routers, firewalls, DMBS. The choice of the brands depends from the specific requirements and traditions of the each Administrator of the number portability.

During implementation, as additional option, can be realized the delivery and launch of SMS/Email-Center for sending service messages (not from network of operators who can sabotage on various reasons the some types of messages). It is an element for further expansion of system towards of number portability.

NPU-Registry creates the technological basis for decisions:

  • to integration with IMEI services (IMEIU-Registry);
  • to integration with ENUM service (ENUMU-Registry);
  • on technology using the personal numbers.